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With a rather dry climate and only thin layers of soil on hard rock, Maltese plants tend to be small and hardy. There
are native cactus species, such as the aloe vera, well-known for its medicinal properties. In recent years, the
Maltese government has embarked on a campaign to plant trees and other plans, especially indigenous special like
olive and cedar. So, it is not uncommon to find clusters trees and bushes, even in towns.
Still, for most of Malta, the natural environment is heavily influenced by human activities. Much of the land is
cultivated, and there are farms with horses, cattle and pigs. Still, in spite of this activity, fish, birds, insects, jelly fish,
and reptiles abound in Malta. However, parts of the south of Malta, such as the areas around the Blue Grotto on
the left, remain rather rugged and undeveloped, full of wildlife.