Boj na Kosovu
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Boj na Kosovu is a rather well done and very interesting Serbian film about the Battle
of Kosovo, a very significant battle between the Serbs and Ottoman Turks, which
took place in Kosovo in the year 1389. This film approaches this battles as if it were
an almost mythic event, central to Serbian history. This film is in Serbian and was
produced by Serbian director Zdravko Sotra in 1989.

Most of the film takes place in the moments immediately before the battle. At this
point in time, there is a very tense atmosphere in Serbian market places, churches,
army camps and the royal court, as everyone waits in anticipation. This apprehension
follows from their knowledge that the Ottoman Sultan Murat is leading a very strong
army to conquer Serbia. Serbian nobles, strategists and commoners wait and talk
about what will come.

At last, when the Ottoman army arrives, the Serbs assemble their armies on the plains
of Kosovo. In the battle itself, Serbian soldiers are idealized, shown as being very
brave and capable warriors. Much attention during the battle is spent on the fate of the
leaders, who both die at Kosovo. In
Boj na Kosovu Tsar Lazar is clearly portrayed as
a saint and a martyr who died for his faith and country. Although the film shows the
eventual Ottoman victory, it seems that this is more the result of treachery than

If you are interested in the history of the Battle of Kosovo or want to understand the
Serbian defiance, this film is for you.
Boj na Kosovu is above all a film about the
horrors of war and the value of sacrifice.