Constantine and the Cross.
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This film, produced under in Italy in 1962 under the title Costantino il grande
is a fairly well made historical fiction based on the early career of the emperor
Constantine. The film portrays Constantine quite favourable, as an ambitious
young officer kept from his Christian mother for all his youth.

Above all, this film focuses on the very dangerous and secretive lifestyle
endured by Christians during this era of persecution. Constantine is portrayed
as the benevolent liberator of Christians. As well, the film does a fairly good
job at showing what life would have been like at court for people such as
Constantine, his wife Fausta, and the various other emperors and co-emperors.

Although the basic plot of this film is fictitious, it is set in the basic backdrop of
actual historical figures and events. As such,
Constantine and the Cross
certainly would be of interest to anyone keen on learning about the
Constantinian era.