Lost Inventions - Hellfire at Sea.

Machines Time Forgot - Fireship (Program 2)
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In this documentary, produced by Windfall Films in 2002-2003, an team of experts, led by
Byzantine military historian John Haldon, set out to recreate the Byzantine fireship. This
program tells the story of "Greek Fire" the Byzantine secret weapon that was used to save
Constantinople in the Arab siege of AD 674-677. What exactly was Greek fire? How did it
work? This team of experts put their own safety at risk to answer these questions.

This program is about ancient inventions and military technology. Filmed in the UK, France,
Malta and Turkey, the team of experts painstakingly try to stay true to historical sources
with excellent results. If you wonder about ancient military technology or how the Byzantine
secret weapon "Greek Fire" worked, watch this program - you will not be disappointed.