Helena - First Pilgrim to the Holy Land.
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The exceptionally made documentary, produced by Reader's Digest, relates the
story of Saint Helena, Roman empress and great pilgrim. It begins by explaining
how this remarkable saint rose from being inkeeper's daughter to exercising
considerable influence on one of Rome's greatest emperor's, Constantine I.

Above all, this documentary focuses on Helena's pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
Helena, through her strong Christian faith was a pivotal force in re-shaping
Roman civilization. Wanting to make atonement for the sins of her son, she
decided to retrace the steps of Christ and visit the places mentioned in the Bible.
Step by step, with truly great cinematography, this film follows the path taken by
Helena on her journey, including the stories of the many churches which she
founded in Rome and in the Holy Land, culminating with her discovery of the
'true cross'.

If you would like to embark on a fascinating journey, following the pilgrimage
taken by this remarkable woman, I would highly recommend this film to you.