The History of Orthodox Christianity
(Part 1 - The Beginnings)
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The History of Orthodox Christianity - The Beginnings, produced by the
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, tells the story of the early Church
from Christ to Constantine. In doing this, it traces Christianity from its roots in
first century Roman Palestine to its eventual recognition as the official imperial
religion at the end of the fourth century.

A main theme of this video is explaining various ways in which Hellenic
thought influenced the development of early Christianity. As well, during this
era of persecutions, the video explains how early bishops succeeded the
apostles as the leaders of the early Church.

The defining moment in the history of early Christianity was when the Roman
Emperor Constantine, known as Saint Constantine in Orthodox Christianity,
ended imperial persecution of the Church. He then created a new Roman
imperial capital, Constantinople, and begun the process of integrating
Christianity into the life of Roman imperial leadership.

This film is  good, if brief, introduction to early Christianity as seen from an
Orthodox Christian perspective.