Song of Bernadette.

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"The Song of Bernadette" tells the story of a simple French peasant girl named Bernadette Soubirous from
the small town of Lourdes in France. This young girl saw a beautiful lady in a niche in a cave. In time, many
from throughout France came to believe that this was a miraculous apparition of the Virgin Mary. This lady
eventually told Bernadette to dig up a spring and to drink and wash there. The waters of this spring almost
immediately became the source for numerous miraculous healings. When asked her name by Bernadette,
the lady said that her name was the Immaculate Conception, a title used to describe the Virgin Mary.

This film "The Song of Bernadette" relates this remarkable story in a very engaging and even sentimental
way. You follow Bernadette through her struggles with her family, the local authorities, and the local Church
as they all try to prevent her from continuing with the claim that she sees an apparition of a lady in the Grotto
of Massabielle . But throughout all of these trials, Bernadette's simplicity and honesty silence all of her

I would highly recommend this film to anyone interested in Lourdes or miracles. As well, the film is of
interest to those curious about nineteenth century France or learning about the lives of saints. Finally, this
movie is a classic and as such it should rightfully be enjoyed by anyone who is fond of beautiful
cinematographic productions.

As well, this DVD includes the biography of Jennifer Jones, a woman who eventually lived a rather tragic
life herself.