May 2006
Saint Symeon the Younger (the New Stylite)
Feast May 24th
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Saint Symeon was from Antioch and at an early age, he decided to adopt
an ascetic way of life. He decided to become a monk, then as a young
man, he moved atop of a pillar. He lived on this pillar for 18 years.

After this, he moved to another mountain near Antioch. In time, he moved
onto another pillar atop this Wondrous Mountain. He stayed here for 45
years, until his death in the year 595.

He was known for working miracles and a monastery was later built at
the site of column near Antioch.

He is not to be confused with Saint Symeon the Stylite who lived in the
early 5th century.
The monastery of St. Symeon the
Younger on the Wondrous
Mountain near Antioch.